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Record sales of over 120,000 transactions in 2023

Prices rose by an average of 18%. The market is considered one of the world’s most robust and attractive residential investment destinations and is characterized by record sales. According to the Betterhomes report, residential real estate transactions reached 120,742 in the year, up 38% from 2022, with pre-sale properties accounting for over half. Average prices rose by an estimated 18% throughout the emirate. Indians and Britons were the most active foreign buyers, and luxury real estate recorded an increase of over 100% compared to 2022 . Despite rising prices, interest remained high, and strong demand was fueled by over 100,000 new residents in the UAE in 2023, suggesting another year of record sales. The real estate boom will continue in the coming years, as new residential space will not be available until the end of 2025. Dubai’s enduring appeal as a global business and lifestyle center continues to attract interest from residents and investors worldwide.

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